Friday, October 02, 2009

Get Inspired By The Unexpected
Driving to work the other day I glanced in the little side "pocket" of my car door and was struck by two insanely beautiful metallic hues, crinkled and imperfect, glinting in the sunlight. 
Had to snap a photo. These colors define my idea of vivid, shining, electricity. 
I'm in love. 
that said... happy friday, more to come. 
Am back! 
With another little fashion inspiration tale. Will try & keep it brief. Last night, the German's watching The Mummy, I catch Egyptian scenes. I get lost in reflection. Thoughts on travel. On being blessed to have been where I have. Reminisce about Egypt then look down to see the photo in our coffee table of he & I in India. Think of India. Think of India tank tunic I purchased in a glorified gas station on the way to Jaipur. Think, hmm, where IS that? Must find. Think, "am sure it will be blazing hot again tomorrow, might as well wear." 
Think "oh good, with gold accessories, haven't worn my killer gold heels in a while, fun." And thus, have a fun 'getting dressed' for work experience today. Which wasn't the case on many other days this week. Lord have mercy on my inability to function in the morning. Anyway, fashion moral of this story: Let memories provoke fashion looks from stuff you already own & let fashion reflect your most cherished and exciting memories. 


Imagine the envy I felt reading Ms. Koko Stiletto's recent blog on whirling around Manhattan taste testing beautiful cupcakes! I couldn't quite take it! The girl has mad shoes & gets to traipse about noshing pretty little sweets? Of course she mentioned Magnolia Bakery!  So, imagine my utter delight & blissful surprise when the sparkling owl ring co-worker of mine, Debbie walked over to my desk today with two things, 1. a bright lime green tissue paper-wrapped something or other AND 2. a little white box from MAGNOLIA BAKERY!!!! Couldn't believe it really! So first, lime green tissue paper-wrapped something ended up being the coolest, shiniest, snake-embossed quilted box/clutch with bold fuchsia satin lining. From, Debbie's dear friend in NY, Lysa. And Lysa was incredibly kind enough to send both Debbie & myself these hot little metallic beauties! THANK YOU SO MUCH LYSA! I LOVE. 
Second, Debbie said I could have one of the cupcakes....!!! The icing!!! Not only its taste but its COLOR!! How good it feels when people think of you. And show it with such kindness. Must do the same more often! It's been a delightful Friday, here's hoping the weekend rocks just as much! Yours too!


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