Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If in fact
then WHAT, may I ask,

 mmmm, Buddy Fruits!
Stumbled upon this effortless, yumminess, HEALTHINESS by accident the other night at the store. The German frequently tells me I don't eat enough fruit (don't freak out! i prefer vegetables, people!), so I jokingly tossed two of these little guys into my cart in a gesture that said "see there, I'll get more fruit in a fun, kiddie way!"  
Turns out Buddy Fruits are FRENCH! Ooh la la! & quite delicious, once you adapt to their unique texture. Buddy Fruits are fruit pouches, a best-selling concept in France, highly demanded by kids and parents. "We have found the best fruit producers and mixed traditional and innovative recipes thanks to my chief skills to create our pure blended "fruit to go". You can be sure that our wholesome pouches will always deliver 100% natural and delicious fruits. It's our promise. It’s our commitment." So far I've tried the multi-fruit flavor & I would definitely have it again! Got kids? They WILL LOVE THESE!!!

AND THIS JUST IN FROM MORNING STAR:  Imagine a great meatless meal, nine of your closest friends and a professional chef.

 "Enter the Morningstar Farms™  Private Cooking Party Sweepstakes, and if you’re the winning Insider, you won’t have to imagine it at all! A professional chef from Parties That Cook will bring all the necessities for a “Sumptuous Small Plates” private cooking party to your place, and show you and nine guests how to prepare two signature Morningstar Farms® – the sweepstakes ends December 7!"  

Not familiar with Morning Star? Oh dear. BECOME familiar. They make some of my fave meatless products, i.e. The Spicy Black Bean "Burger", which I love eating with sour cream & fresh salsa. 
Or The Tomato Basil Pizza Burger, so deeelish topped with melted cheese on a whole wheat bun! Then there are their  Chik'n products, perfect for making meatless chik'n parmesan. I promise to share this utterly simple recipe with you if you wish! Leave a comment if so. Additionally, their meatless crumbles are amazing when making tacos, spaghetti and lasagna. NO JOKE. Again, just ask, I'll tell you how.  Needless to say, I've entered the Morning Star contest! Hope I win! ;-)
In other delicious news... Check out my Aero Garden!  What you see is (from front, left to right, then back, left to right) Italian basil, purple basil, cilantro, parsley & mint! I'm still holding out hope for dill and chives. Especially chives, PLEASE grow, chives!!! You can't imagine the delight this little herb garden brings me. My thumb is by far NOT green & yet, these delightful little seedlings are sprouting and they're so cute! I can only imagine how much we'll love having fresh herbs constantly growing for us right there in our kitchen. Again, thanks mom! And dad! 

Easy, mostly healthy, vegetarian  
things you can bring to work for lunch? I opt for many of Wolfgang Puck's organic soups & because the word pizza can be used to describe a number of food items that contain dough, cheese & tomato sauce, ;-) I do like to eat California Pizza Kitchen's Margherita Pizza with crispy, thin crust from time to time. Doctor it up with fresh pressed garlic & chopped tomato and it's even better! 
So yeah, I guess I'm a fruity, meatless, herb-y, soupy, pizza-y kind of chica huh? 


p.s. STILL not wearing black. Feeling more girlie & femme in non-black clothes, which makes me laugh. I'm looking forward to Friday... (and the END of this week-long hiatus!)


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  1. Love this post. I guess we're green drinking, organic veggie, fresh fruit, lean meat eating peeps. We've tried the Morningstar products and many of them are good. We absolutely LOVE the Tomato & Basil pizza burgers. Even our 6 yo son likes them! Wolfgang Puck soups are awesome too.

    Another healthy fav of ours are Amy's Organic pizzas. We usually eat the spinach one for a quick dinner...it's our son's fav.

    Of course anything you can grow yourself is extra special. We're almost ready to harvest our garden grown pineapple. Now that will be a real treat (since we only get one or two a year)!


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