Sunday, August 02, 2009

Amazing, truly, how a split second that took place while devouring my Art Vandalay burrito at Moe's last week lit the fire that is under my
@$$ like it did.
I'm enjoying my lunch with a side of queso; I'm facing the
door. Guy walks in, looks to long line in disgust, then walks out. Walks with quick strides to
a waiting SUV, rides away.
"Damn that guy's hoodie was cool. Gosh, did you see that?! Man, I only got to look at it for a couple seconds. Why did he walk out? Man. It was so cool. It had to be DIY?!" I rambled on. Krista nodded. Everyone else seemed to avoid rolling their eyes.

It stayed in my head. I brought it up a couple more times that day. I tweeted about it. I mentally, seriously committed to making my own. I didn't think it could be as bad @$$, I lamented not getting
a better look at that random dude not wanting to wait in line to eat at Moe's.
I woke up today to the sound of the husband and his friends stirring downstairs in preparation for a day of wake boarding and the wheels of thought in my brain began to crank. I'm doing it. Today. At least starting it. That would ensure it would actually happen. That and the fact that thoughts of creating and DIY projects were simultaneously on the brain of Krista, and she'd tweeted about hosting such a night at her place post our fashion swap. Accountability. A set time to get it done.

Ideas flitting about our heads, never coming to be, are a true travesty, don't you think?

So I got up, got ready, and set out right behind the guys on their way to the lake.
Destination: Starbucks, then Super Target, then, don't laugh, I know I'm a bit old, and it's well, questionable on some fundamental levels, but then, Hot Topic.

"Venti soy chai, no water, no foam, extra pumps if you please" in hand, I began my quest for the perfect hoodie. Solid, soft, good fit. Score. Dark heather gray, on clearance, price: $11. Then around and around Target I went. No goal. No purpose. Just kind of like being on a Merry-Go-Round as a wee child. Pointless, but euphoric.
In the end, i made out with some clever little DIY hoodie gems. After much thought, a little creativity, a lot of ingenuity. Paid. Left. Headed for Hot Topic. Gotta love kids, male kids, wearing red eyeliner. No seriously, you do. That is not attractive. But it IS unique. Well. in most circles it is. Cased out the store, found more killer hoodie additions, paid and was on my way.

Didn't see any pyramid stud piece at either place that my brain could wrap itself around using, and act ually attaching to my project. so that's still a goal. amongst scouring the web in general for additional inspiration.

fast forward several hours, scissors in hand, i'm cutting and
crafting. pining. visualizing. even began hand-sewing. DIY hoodie is on its way to hopeful greatness. blog readers, hold me accountable!!!!!!! ask me how it's coming along. ask for progress photos.

hope you had an awesome weekend.


(photos: the hoodie! a child's sock. a skull-themed bandana, future hoodie odds & ends, winged skull being sewed on, heart & cross bones safety pinned in place)


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this hoodie when you're all done.

  2. Thanks Jenn, please stalk me!!! ;-) I work best under pressure.

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Can I have the hoodie?

  4. you know what jerry- at some point, i'll make you one, in some sort of trade... gotta keep you cool, in, hip. ;-)


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