Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Super Quick, Incredibly Edgy Throw Back to Punk DIY Necklace

Fall '09 is BIG on statement necklaces.
You, however have no cash, or perhaps, just want something fresh and different to wear tomorrow. On the fly. A killer reason to get up in the morning. Round up safety pins. you have them somewhere. oftentimes they're used to attach pretty tags to new clothes, or used to attach dry cleaning to hangers, FIND SOME. the more, the better.

then, rummage through your jewels. faux pearls and costume rhinestones work best. strive to use two (or more!) necklaces of the same length. lay necklaces out, unclasped and begin affixing necklaces together with safety pins. your done. mad easy, no? now get out there and wear your instant DIY creation with pride. YOU ROCK.


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