Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One last "episode" of my Egypt trip coming up! With another movie for more of a glimpse into what is was like to actually be there...

...Guess what? We've missed our flight due to major confusion with departure time. June 28th 1:30AM was late LAST night, not late tonight. So... there were not four seats on tonight/tomorrow night's flight out so we must depart tomorrow AKA EARLY Tuesday morning. Poor husband had a nervous breakdown. And he may be angry with me. this will cost us big plus another night at the hotel, + missing two more days of work. What a mess. I feel terrible, but these things happen.  :-(

I am in limbo. Like I'm here in EGYPT, WOW, but stuck kind of, in the middle of nowhere (Giza's a little remote) & running out of cash. Ugh. All part of the experience I suppose...

Maggie & I went for a walk down to the pharmacist & the mobile on the run (yes, again, candy!)  Maggie got a prescription ointment @ the pharmacist for the equivalent of ONE DOLLAR, a Novartis product. WOW, talk about affordable health care. She has a bad sun rash, this should help. Then we went to Felfela for a GREAT BIG Stella ($8 for two)  the to felfela fast food for three falafel sandwiches and a big hot dog for her, + tahina and babaganoush  all for a total of $4.50!? Then brought it back to Tim & Belen at the pool. Now we're hanging by the pool and I feel overwhelmingly off, we should be almost home and instead we're going to be two days late! It is SO quiet at the pool because the weekend is over and everyone we've met has left. It's just bad all around. :-( It's weird I'm so affected by an extended vacation? Gotta let that go. 

So- after the pool we got dressed, had more perfect cappuccinos, & watched the bizarre candle lighting ceremony that takes place in the hotel lobby nightly at 7pm.  Weird, they dim the lights, blare cool music, then four guys in white gowns come down the stairs and light a lot of little candles. 

Then we caught a cab to Mena House, finally. And I finally felt "this was meant to be." WOW. Fabulous. Lavish. AND a belly dancing convention going on?! Amazing views, the presidential suite where GW Bush actually slept has a MAD view of the pyramids. Lanterns and details Tim & both LOVED, everywhere. Hand drinks in the GORGEOUS bar, while a flutist, violinist  & pianist played. 

Took a cab back to Felfela (yes, again. i know. but the freakin' falafel there!!!) Dinner, then outside on their patio, before a HUGE screen, with the Brazil  vs. USA game on + sheesha. Brazil beat the us, 3 to 2, boo! Otherwise, considering, a good day...

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