Friday, August 14, 2009

I've got GREAT jeans... Just sayin'. I am madly in love with the ones I'm wearing today and it's taken me ages to fall hard for a pair of jeans. Seems there is ALWAYS something not quite right, you know? Gapping in the back, too short, too long, bunchy knees, not enough stretch, poor pocket placement, yeah i could go on & on...

But these babies, that i got from a little over a month ago are IT. They're by Taverniti, which if you do a web search, aren't terribly easy to come across. They're not even on's radar. I don't care. The length is right, the wash is right (faded black) the distressing is right (not too much), the leg is right, love the twisted belt loops, random extra stitching and the pockets are insane.

There are a lot of "boyfriend" jeans (way oversized & baggy) out there right now, a lot of "destroyed" denim (tattered, holey, even slashed), high waist, ultra-low rise, boot-cut, straight leg, skinny leg, wide leg, colored denim, dark washes, light washes, it has GOT to be overwhelming for many.

Need help? Here's what I'd do...

I say start with the rise and the leg. Get your butt into a place like Nordstrom. WEAR heels. If you're a big fan of flip flops, stash them in your purse too. Then, let your eyes guide you to a few pairs that strike your fancy. Read their tags re: rises, note the length of the zipper, if it's quite short, they're LOW rise. Note the leg, does it sort of bell out? Look straight? Look tapered and skinny?

I'd suggest that you take a mid rise and a low rise, a boot-cut and a straight leg in the fitting room with you and put them on. I guarantee at least one pair will appaul you, possibly ALL FOUR. It's cool. That's normal. Keep trying. Do not run out screaming! All things considered of those first four, find the silver lining! Which rise do you think you look best in? Feel most comfortable in? Bend over, do you look like a plumber? Yeah? GET THOSE OFF.

Point is, once you figure out your rise and leg style (try on WITH shoes to perfect length), you're in great shape. OH, but how could I forget, A LOT of designer denim comes in sizes from like 25 to 35. Gotta narrow in on your number too. OK, so RISE, LEG, NUMBER. Figure that out and you're on your way. From there you can wade through ALL the other factors, (I personally find this so fun, & if you need help, seriously ASK, i've been known to personal shop for both male & female shop-aphobes.)

In the end, YOU MUST have at least ONE pair of jeans you ADORE. And I'll go out on a limb and say at least FIVE pairs you really like (yes five). In this day and age, that's just how it is. Right Scarletti? :-) HAPPY FRIDAY! & I PROMISE to blog this weekend. I hope you care! ;-)

Love, Sunlovey

p.s. by no means do i love the "butt" shot. but i wanted you to fully see the pocket detail as that's what sold me on these. they are low rise, and skinny leg by the way.

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