Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do you have an ex, that has held a deep, huge chunk of your heart since you were in junior high?
An ex that you fell hard for the summer before 8th grade and loved with severe naiveté for years & years.
An ex that taught you passion, taught you danger, taught you hard cold truths.
An ex that you left behind at times, but returned to again & again, because your addiction to said ex ran so deep. 
How about an ex that kicked you when you were down just a few years back. Made you swear off such devotion forever. 

But then, like always, time healed all wounds. Time allowed you to look backwards with a crazy fondness that managed to trump and crush your anger. That slyly coerced you to forget the kick in the teeth that ex dealt you. 

Then rumours surfaced that your ex was back, a fierce, familiar obsession returned, and you found yourself blaring Enjoy the Silence in the car and counting down the days 'til you were reunited... Depeche Mode is that ex. No joke. 

Just 18 days.
Until musical euphoria.
Seen them live?
It's an experience.

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