Thursday, August 06, 2009

I'm listening to... Phoenix, a French band slowly making its presence known to me. know what often happens? i hear a band a few times on XM, finally go to buy stuff of theirs, then find stuff of said band in my itunes already. oftentimes from mixes i've downloaded previously. anyway. they're cool. sounds like? Hot Chip, maybe?

I'm wearing... my brilliant blue Hale Bob dress which features a bright fanning floral print, sexy tie neckline and silk-banded hem. metallic blue shoes, a necklace dripping with faceted blue crystals, fun pyramid stud blue wrist band.

I ate... the other half of my crunchy eggplant & fresh mozzarella panini with pesto for lunch (from DD Flats? in the Polo Shoppes, Boca Raton) , and glancing at the clock, i MUST go make myself some tea RIGHT now. ok. done. it's a must. remember, an afternoon delight... (serves two purposes though, the second being the second wind needed to kick some @$$ a bit later in hell AKA the gym.)

I want to be in... Venezia, this is exact time of day, dipping into a little hole in the wall stand-up wine bar with little crostinis to snack on. the kind of place the gondolieri might frequent. it would have a damp, woodsy undertone, pungent awesome cheeses would overpower that scent though. And I want the person behind the bar to be handing me the iciest cold glass of prosecco he or she can manage...

MUSIC. FASHION. FOOD. TRAVEL. they really do shape me...
what shapes you?
moves you?
drives you?
defines you?

later loveys!


(photos: AMAZING blue Gucci shoes, NOT mine sadly & a rough sketch of my future tattoo inspired by Venezia's San Marco lion)

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