Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh Pelican, Deadmau5, Pier 66, How I Love Thee...

I've just now started to recover from a whirlwind weekend of way too much fun. I
said earlier, I do understand how some people of a famous, insanely wealthy nature check themselves into hospitals for over-exhaustion. C'est moi. But man oh man was
it worth it...
Saturday found us hurling down 95 southbound towards the Ft. Lauderdale Hyatt Pier 66. Checked in, loving the lobby's cool, soothing decor, groovy background music, GIFT SHOP (bought awesome, metal keys with positive words upon them, you'll see them on a necklace shortly, I'm certain), we dropped off our things in our room (HUGE and spacious, well appointed, large balcony with great view of the waterways of Ft. Lauderdale), headed back to the lobby and over to its inviting
bar for a glass of red to wait for our friends' arrival.

They arrived, we headed back to our rooms, readied ourselves and set out for South Beach, Miami, to meet more friends at the Pelican on Ocean Drive. The Pelican's actually a hotel, retro in feel, funky in decor, but let me tell you, I'm madly in LOVE with its restaurant. Have been for 10 years. It's Italian. GOOD Italian. More than one type of prosecco on the
the extremely impressive wine list, amazingly creative appetizers, salads that remind me of salads i munched on in Italy and pastas, breads, desserts, OK EVERYTHING is awesome. yes, the Pelican is one of my three fave restaurants in Florida.
So it was straight to the bar, a glass of prosecco ordered, cheers! Your table's ready! The eight of us pouring over the menu, excitedly catching up, ordering and DEVOURING our meal. I actually shared an appetizer (brie and guacamole crostini) and an entree (fresh made gnocchi in a garlicky tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella) and dessert (insanely yummy chocolate cake with a runny, gooey dark chocolate inside and vanilla gelato) with my friend Krista and left feeling so happily satiated.

We spilled into the street and headed towards Washington Ave.,
destination: Mansion nightclub. Once inside adrenaline kicked in, we were there to see Deadmau5, whom I
mentioned late last week, a brilliant Canadian DJ with a distinctive pumping, textural sound. His energy on stage makes me giggle like a school girl. He loves what he's doing and so does the crowd.
Holy crap did we dance, and sweat,
and KILL our feet. Please, if given the opportunity, GO see Deadmau5.

Back at the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, we crash, a little sad the night's over but excited about the pool party Pier 66 is hosting the next day.
So yeah, next day, bikinis and bathing suits on, sunscreen
applied we hit the stunning pool, hit the water within seconds (it was a SCORCHER), mosey
up to the bar shortly thereafter
and order incredible mimosas. I taste a splash of pineapple juice in this sparkling
bevie and delight in it.

A bit later I enjoy a light and healthy salad at the pool restaurant, I ask if they can add cheese to it (as I'm an addict) and they kindly bring me shaved parmesan. AWESOME.

A tent was set up beside the pool giving free 10 minute neck and shoulder massages and I kid you not that 10 minutes undid a couple months of knotty stress in my upper back. Michelle at Spa 66 you are a goddess. I'll be back to see you, I PROMISE.

The day was coming to an end but no one wanted to call it quits so we headed to my friend Jerry's for pizza. Time flies at incredible speeds when you're having a blast, before we knew it, it was 9pm on a Sunday night and we were still in Lauderdale, so we high tailed it home and passed out. Needless to say I needed today to sleep in, do things I'd neglected during the weekend AND get MUCH more done on my DIY hoodie! check it:

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