Wednesday, August 05, 2009

my thought of the moment:
Why NOT have wine every night? One glass...

Feels a lot like a delicious afternoon cup of tea, it's a treat. it's a happy taste bud maker.

whipping through publix yesterday, on a mad dash salad-essentials run, a bottle of chianti (i used to open a lot for patrons at the Italian restaurant i worked at in college) caught my eye. and somehow made it's tasty little way into my cart. i couldn't
resist, it brought back memories.

popped it open last night, got out one of our stemless riedel glasses , (which i love. perfect for casual sipping, while watching a movie. but still feel light and elegant. and are somewhat less fragile due to stemlessness) poured and...
enjoyed so much in fact, that i did the same again
tonight. whatever breaks up the day, or night, whatever gives you a little lift, a small sense of gratification. of celebration even. i mean who doesn't love clinking glass, any glass!, while joyfully chiming cheers!, prost!, salute!, cin cin! anyone!? this has A LOT to do with why i adore (adult) bevies that sparkle so very much. they TOTALLY ignite that celebratory feel. i love it. thrive on it!
but that's a digression. right now, i'm talking about a nightly, or perhaps just a frequent "school night" glass of red. doesn't have to be pricey or a wine spectator high scorer, just something YOU like, and makes you feel good when you inhale and taste it.

the husband's not a huge fan of my college restaurant job wine selection. but he's sipping too. why not. life's short. taste the pleasures.

i'm going to stick my neck out in future blogs and talk more about wine. i say stick my neck out because i'm no wine connoisseur bad @$ and wine connoisseur bad @$es tend to be somewhat, well, they tend to make non-wine connoisseur bad @$es feel a little like effin' idiots. and that sucks. because it's intimidating. and it makes a lot of non-wine drinkers stay non-wine drinkers. = stupid and unfortunate.

so here's to afternoon cups of tea (i suggest green tea chai with milk & sugar!
!!) and school night glasses of wine, as often as possible. if you're already doing either or both, you're awesome. if you're not. why not?


and yeah, that's the husband.

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