Wednesday, August 12, 2009

REMINDER: Yesterday was Tuesday and thus, FREE Single of the Week day on itunes. Did you check it out? Did you look for the FREE Discovery Download? The FREE video? It's not too late...
FREE Single of the Week: Wonderful by Gary Go (never heard of, will check out, they dare to compare to Coldplay) Genre: Pop
FREE Discovery Download: Apolkalypse Now by Polkastra (POLKA!?) Genre: World
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Something else catching my eye in the "FREE on itunes" section!?!?!? a Where The Wild Things Are exclusive featurette. AWESOME. download.

Now, more from Egypt...

Alexandria looks quite beautiful in our photographs... sadly there's not much to it in terms of ancient sites.
they've been demolished or shipped off to the U.S. (like the Obelisk in Central Park, NYC, pictured, shipped from Alexandria in 1881) & England... we did visit an extremely old catacomb and a fort on the water. we had such a questionable lunch at a place called Fish Bono—dear LORD it's amazing our stomachs are OK. we laughed so much though. had "virgin mojitos" actually called garden view cocktails & virgin beer. it was so hot. the drive back was unique, our driver smelled incredibly. OMG we were dying. Maggie smoked sheesha with a random guy at a gas station.
Once back we sipped beers on the balcony of our hotel and watched another insane sunset. they are phenomenal on their own and then the call to prayer kicks in and it's just surreal!

we took the advice of some things i'd read online and had such a lovely dinner at Felfela. Quite good, great service, more laughs. the various dips and salads are incredible, the fresh pita & their falafel (also called tamiya, pictured) was TOP NOTCH, crusted in sesame seeds. We had two orders. Good beer. Great atmosphere, nice decor-
then we went to another place for tim and maggie to smoke sheesha. i just stared at the people, Egyptians, their eyes, eye color, eyelashes, gorgeous.

I SLEPT. didn't even hear the morning call to prayer. maggie woke us at 8:30, we had breakfast (hmm, not the best, the tea is ok but it's loose in the bottom of the glass, so you end up eating it). After breakfast we set out for the Egyptian museum, it is so striking from the outside, they take great pride in it. 60 egyptian pounds to get in. NO AC, dear GOD. except in certain rooms that house things that can't survive 1000 degrees. An extra 100 pounds to see the mummies & now i know i'm going to dream about them...

the rest of the day was spent wandering through and bargaining in the bazaar, Khan al Khalili. Was a blast with maggie, laughing! we spent a lot of time in a small tunic shop where maggie bought outfits for many children she knows. but we ended up seeing tunics that we liked ourselves and spent much time talking and laughing with the father and son shop owners about maggie's "pyramids". was hilarious. people would actually say to us through out the souks "how can i take your money today?" quite honest.

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