Thursday, August 27, 2009

OK... this isn't the place you go for a culinary experience. but the location is in my opinion, a good one. just west of the Intracoastal bridge in Lantana, on the right, somewhat of an institution in south Florida. yeah, Old Key Lime House. WHY go there? It's salty. It's waterfront, they've got FRIED CLAMS (crispy! with REALLY good fries) and... a relatively HUGE new screen and projector set up that amazes. Love how it sits right over the water, the image on the screen reflecting into the Intracoastal.  So I asked (because they were showing football tonight, not my thing) if they show movies on said killer screen and they said YES!!! On Tuesdays. Everyone should check it out. 

Went for a long walk on the beach tonight, which I need to do MUCH more, then there, just because I needed to get out. Heart is heavy. Need to be surrounded by people. Being honest. If you pray, pray for my dear mother. She needs it. I do believe in hope and miracles. I do believe in unforeseen possibilities. I do believe in things turning around for the best. I want all of this. But I am scared. I am strong. But I need her. Yes, this has taken a way too serious turn. But it needed to be said. Please, whomever you are, stumbling upon this, close your eyes and wish one of the most amazing souls on the planet WELLNESS, MIRACLES, HOPE, STRENGTH & A WILL TO FIGHT. 

Am excited about things I've read and heard about clearing the body of toxins. How it helps. Going completely organic. If you have thoughts on the power of this, positive thoughts. Share. 

In fact ALL positive stories, thoughts, perspectives- send MY way. I want to be surrounded, and I want HER surrounded by LOVE and POSITIVISM. 

Thank you SO very much.


(Illustration is from the Old Key Lime House Web site)

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