Thursday, August 20, 2009

I had to take a brief video of me using way too many adjectives
as i stood and stared at the sphinx in babble-inducing awe. note the egyptian
speaking to us towards the end, offering to take our photo with the sphinx &
pyramids behind us.
"Thank You!" "Shukran!" " اﺮﻜﺷ "
thought i'd share. nice segue back into the journal no? we last
left off with me about to board the night train back to Giza via Cairo.

...Le Meridien is lovely.
The pool- perfect. the view from the pool- UNBELIEVABLE. Pyramids in full view,
you can't help but gasp upon first sight WOW. Spent the day relaxing by the pool
had a yummy cheese & tomato sandwich. Tim & I took a walk & found a Mobile
On The Run. A pyramid-VIEW Mobile On The Run. Bought some candy (ALL
EUROPEAN CANDIES HERE), water, chips & hallelujah! conditioner! (hair's in
knots). Then dinner, don't laugh! at Laredo "Tex Mex", a wee break from Egyptian.
(I ALWAYS seek out Mexican restaurants in foreign countries, Germany, India...)
Then they smoked sheesha & we watched Brazil vs. South Africa.

Today we had cappuccinos & pineapple pastries then set out for the great pyramids
& sphinx. Our driver took us in his old Mercedes. Once we took in the perfect panoramic
view of all three we hopped on camels & rode through the desert to the base of the largest
pyramid. My camel was a little brat. :-) But a pretty white color, named Ali. We got great
photos & i took a small video. (see above) we also visited a large wooden boat they
excavated by the pyramid. that boat is believed to be built for the sun god or for a pharaoh
to cross to the after life in. was amazingly crafted.

Then, THE SPHINX- OMG i could not believe it. I couldn't. I felt so lucky to be there. Just
staring, the three majestic pyramids behind it. There are no words. There really aren't.

Tonight we ate at Nubian Village, tons of mezzah (appetizers), then I tried Om Ali, a layered
dessert of pastry, cocont, cream & raisins. decadent. good. Now we're by the pool, they're smoking
sheesha, I'M SICK OF SHEESHA. :-( I wanted to check out the Mena House Oberoi hotel instead.
I will INSIST tomorrow. Maggie & Belen bought me the most lovely bracelet today, I love it.
But right now... I'm full. Until later.

Next night-
Woke up & had cappuccinos and pastries again, then set back out for a return go of wheeling &
dealing at Khan Khalili. All of us, on a mission. A nice girl we met a few days prior tagged along.
We all did quite well finding, bartering and collecting some incredible treasures & tokens of our
trip, as well as presents for everyone. Was fun! You DO get good at it!

It's thrilling diving into the narrow passages & small shops in search of this & that.

After the bazaar it was back to the hotel, take-out lunch from felfela & the afternoon by the pool-
one of the hotel shop owners made & gave me a sterling silver cartouche with my name in
hieroglyphics upon it. quite nice of them, a "present" he said. another hotel shop owner gave me
a pack of gum, another "present". Egyptians can be crafty. Egyptians are very kind.
oh how i love swim up bars!
further, swim up bars with pyramid views.
Tonight we went to the Sound & Lights Spectacular @ the pyramid/sphinx. i was reluctant,
certain it would be so cheesy & touristy, i generally RUN from things like that however a
chance to see them all together one last time. sun setting.
A beautiful breeze, an insane sunset & a spectacular show. We are so lucky. It brought ancient
history to life, it choked me up a bit. We all loved it. tomorrow we will enjoy a big breakfast, check
out Mena House & pack. We don't fly until 1am but must check out by 4pm. UGH.
A lonnng day of travel to come.
p.s. some disturbing news, both Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett have died. :-(
oh and, I LOVE EGYPT.
'til tomorrow...


  1. Koko go! if i know ANYTHING it's that life FLIES by SO fast & it's TOO short. Book a flight and GET OUT THERE. LOVED your NYC blogs! :-)


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