Friday, July 31, 2009

So yeah... it's FRIDAY again! Stoked.

And, had a vision while trying to fall asleep last night, inspired by Om Shanti Om and all things Bollywood... (Rewind back to last Friday. When I acquired a certain amazing tunic. I scored this over-the-top, totally India tunic -was actually made there- at a Boston Proper sample sale.) I wasn't thrilled to get up but the vision and the tunic helped, mucho.

I've paired it to a distressed Roxy denim mini, my SICK Report Signature all-glitter heels, sparkling bead bracelets I picked up in Jaipur two years ago, a fun ganesh necklace my dear friend got me in Austin, Texas, a twinkling hand of fatima necklace, etc. etc. and the result—total West-meets-Bollywood. At least that's how I feel and it's fueled my desire to comb through my itunes for fun Indian music.

And that's just it, fashion should be fun, it should be inspired, it should be inspiring, it should reflect who YOU are as a person, your interpretations of everything around you. There really is no right or wrong in fashion. I don't care what anyone says. What you love, and what you feel confident in, you will rock.

Want to get a vibrant, wild, unbelievable look at what inspired me last night/this morning?
Check it:
Happy Friday!

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