Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I woke up with a fashion purpose this morning. Whatever works. A few years ago two dresses were given to me. Vintage sheaths. Both had much promise. And were stowed away in a spare closet. They originally belonged to the mother-in-law of a neighbor. And I came to mind when said mother-in-law passed them down. So last night, awaiting sleep, I thought of them. Yes, some three years later. Got out of bed, went to the spare closet and found them. Was drawn to the one pictured in particular. A bright and summery change from the gray I've been drawn to so much lately. I hung it on my closet door, thought "GOLD SHOES" and fell asleep. This morning I quickly chose a necklace and a trio of bracelets & was on my merry way...

Tweets from Monday night, August 10th...
Travel writers show on travel channel taking place in chile for this episode is SO good. I'm jealous and instantly addicted.And they're going to patagonia... If you know me you know i'm dying. ok, travel is officially saturating every crevice of my brain now-if you were my travel journal from egypt WHERE would you be?!?! can't find

journal FOUND. expect egypt blogs shortly. inspired by Confessions of a Travel Writer:

YEAH, a lot of inspiration was taking place last night, and not just in the fashion realm. Prior to my vintage dresses in spare closet revelation I got absolutely consumed by a new show on the travel channel. Confessions of a Travel Writer. WOW. Dry, funny, real, AND THE FIRST EPISODE TOOK PLACE IN CHILE!!!! Know me, know I want to go there next, BADLY. I was glued, riveted, swooning. Please oh please find and watch this show, tell others about it, keep it on TV. It's smart and if it goes away that will suck. Watching the show evoked a dire need within me to find the journal I kept while in Egypt. Mad dash searches transpired during commercial breaks. And HALLELUJAH it was found.

So... motivated by Confessions of a Travel Writer, I bring you a travel journal entry. You like? Tell me. You don't. TELL ME. Got it? Cool.

June 18th
We're here—still taxi-ing to the gate. The flight was fine. Already caught sight of the pyramids. Cairo looks HUGE & dry. ... Walked around a bit, city is bustling. Ate dinner at Cafe Riche, then had drinks at Pottery Cafe & watched the Egypt v. Italy game with tons of excited Egyptians 'til we were about to pass out, then we left. The streets were overflowing with
TV sets & crowds all watching hte game and I love the internationality of it all—the world watches!! Have been sending updates to twitter from my cell along the way, I'll print and paste them -HERE- once home. Dinner was pretty good, I ordered various dips with fresh pita and had a chick pea layered cassarole, the name escapes me. I AM FULL. Alarm goes off at 6:30AM, we're off to Alexandria. Good night. ... And we're off in our car service to Alexandria, just drove along and am currently crossing THE NILE RIVER, that's madness. A lot of ships along it. Breakfast was strong tea, strong unrecognizable juice, pita, jam, cheese (white and salty), yogurt. Sleep? NONE. Call to prayer at 4AM? HEARD IT. Beautiful...


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    of course we want more of your journal....ever heard of living vicariously? love, mom

  2. aw thanks MOM! but of course YOU do! :-) you're my mamasita!


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