Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The sun shined down on me today 

I have been craving a good live show so so badly lately. And Florida just hasn't been producing any. I was just recently in touch with the person that books APTBS shows, venting to him via email about the fact that while they WERE gracing the oft-neglected sunshine state with (a single) show, that show was in Tallahassee, which is practically Alabama and totally inaccessible for MOST of the state. I KNOW we are a difficult-to-reach peninsula, I realize a CRAP LOAD of elderly live here, but c'mon. There are masses of  music loving non-elderly here too. He kindly replied   to my small rant with a "we're looking into adding an Orlando date." For real, I figured he was just trying to shut me up. But low and behold. It's true. Sunday April 4th, Back Booth. If you live in Florida and dig APTBS you had better show up. I'm driving three hours. So can you. We have    GOT to make bands know they are desired down here. That we'll make it worth their inconvenience to get down here. HAVE GOT TO. The show's a mere $12 bucks. Seriously. Cough up the cash for a ticket, get yourself some earplugs (if you're the slighest bit adverse to BIG BLARING SOUND, ( they're known as the loudest band in New York)  and show up.
Have seen them live once already, at NYU back in March of '09. Was blown AWAY. Both literally and figuratively. Stunned by the degree to which they rocked, but further, insanely amazed by what goes into creating their distinctive sound. At one point the guys were on the floor plugging all these wires in to their guitars, into pedals, make a noise you'll have to experience in person to grasp. A cacophony of sound that is, in the end, beautifully LOUD.  


Be there or be square, Florida.


*** p.s. massive, heartfelt prayers go out to Haiti & its people in the aftermath of a sudden, intense earthquake today. let's join together and find a way to help that poor, suffering country.  UPDATE: text HAITI to 90999 to instantly donate $10 to relief efforts. This minimal amount will be tacked on to your next cell phone bill, but will help immensely. Strength in numbers, boys & girls! ***

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  1. You are such a rockstar, way to be the one woman force behind improving the music scene in Florida! When I get back we're gonna have to combine our efforts! There's always a great band that plays Tuesday nights at the Florida Room, too. I can get you more details!


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