Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's freakin' darling isn't it? by brian lichtenberg. she caught flack for wearing it post-golden globes, but whatever. it's hot and adorable. ok, moving on...

<<< ok did i mention i want this too?? i do.
 year after year i lust after the line up at coachella. WHY? why don't i go? i'm looking into it. stay tuned.

 While I'm on the subject. Of want. 

yeah. i want desperately to escape to some place i've never been with brilliant eats, sights & sounds. whilst horizontal feeling sicky yesterday i caught anthony bourdain in istanbul & felt a mad craving. 

somewhat curbed said craving here, at lunch today.

the place is called Fala. it's inexpensive. it's falafel and hummus and tabouleh and tahini and feta etc. so you know, you can't really go wrong. i have had better though. my quest continues...

but all said, there are a million things whirling through my brain. cravings. wants. desires. life is so jam packed with brilliant things to taste and wear and see and hear and do, isn't it? it's never enough.



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