Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i totally feel tIpSy-
the spa, people! have you EVER heard me refer to myself as TIPSY!?so happy such blissful concepts exist! i had a standing date with my l'il sis yesterday, however no true plans were set. have NOT been catching the needed amount of zzz's in recent days, so all i wanted was to go some place that would lavish me with indulgent attention AND serve me a great big glass of red. pipe dream, right? WRONG. DING DING DING. TIPSY! i called that very afternoon, got pedi appointments for two and three hours later tamara & i were sprawled out in oversized massage chairs with our feet soaking in warm scented water and large vessels of vino placed in our hands. what could make such a setting even cooler? flat screen TVs everywhere rocking gwen stefani and lady gaga videos, that's what. 

no joke. this place RULES. to my knowledge there are three locations in palm beach county: jupiter, wellington & boca raton. we went to the boca tipsy. the salon itself is modern, yet inviting and the staff is accommodating and so friendly. we chatted and laughed with our nail techs as much as we did with each other. and my No Room For The Blues pedicure = HOTNESS.

we vow to go back, we must, it was one of the loveliest hours i've had in ages. need a drink AND a mani/pedi?tipsy offers a full range of spa services. & many amazing specials. check it out cookies. 

Contact Tipsy: 
561 333-0413  Wellington
561- 626-6074 Jupiter
561-338-1095  Boca

Mon&Tues 9-9
Wed - Fri 9-10
Sat 9-9
Sun 11-5


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