Thursday, January 28, 2010

SurferBlood @sunlovey The whole situation was hectic, it could have happened anywhere I suppose. Didn't mean to offend! <3 (via twitter)

On seeing Surfer Blood @RespectableSt

Their set was a fresh and brilliant one. Surfer Blood's sound is mad unique. It's harmonic and poppy, it's driven by drums, dreamy guitar and a nostalgic, vintage quality. The vibe last night was amazing. Respectables was packed with charmed fans and what appeared to be the band's entire family (West Palm is their hometown after all). It being a "school night" & all, Hector, @kris_1 and I decided to head out once Surfer Blood finished. And we left stoked that we'd just seen such a brilliant new band. 
my tweets from the show (read from last to 1st):
Got closer. Looking at pedals.from txt
A band that's better live is a better band. I dig. I get. I love. Surfer blood.
  1. from txt

  2. The drums make it. No wait, the vocals.from txt

  3. Sin still smokes? Seriously? That's my question.from txt

  4. Locals are representing. Full house. This next song goes out to jay reatard. Someone we had the privilege to meet... Surfer blood.from txt

  5. They are fresh. Looks like grandma and grandpa are here and i love that. Oh yes. Surfer blood.from txt

  6. Two bands down. Well 2nd still up. But THEY are next and by THEY i mean surfer blood.

Fast forward to like, 2 a.m. I'm not sleeping. Bored, I go online, get feedback immediately from an acquaintance who stayed for Monotonix, that few minutes they did perform before their singer broke his leg were insanely good & that it sucked that i missed it.

Fast forward again to this morning, while working from home, I catch wind of someone from Surfer Blood hating on West Palm (on twitter) as a result of the Monotonix incident. WHY? Because your typical drunk jack a$$es heckled the band for not continuing the show once their singer was injured. Because yeah, drunken idiot hecklers only exist here, in south florida. nowhere else. you got it! Hopefully whomever posted the below tweet did so on impulse & doesn't really discount ALL of their local fans that totally support them. 

surferblood This is why we hate hell ass West Palm Beach.

Music blogger, 

In other news, like a major idiot, i brought my canon but forgot to put a bloody memory card in it. so my whopping two photos and four videos are from my poor little cell phone. Hate the taste in my mouth right now, post show, though. Trying to shake it. Here are my crap cell phone videos, warning: don't even watch if you can't tolerate a shite image & garbly sound

in additional other (annoying) music news,  Hipster RunOff informs us that the JUSTICE "leak" yesterday was a fake. Stereo Gum confirms. Gotta love the internet! OK, that's my rant. i'll leave you with something light, bright, girly & fashiony...
My FABULOUS new kelly green frilly platforms:

and my friend katie's rockin' new zip heels, proud of you, cookie!:


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