Wednesday, January 06, 2010

the contents of my
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can totally take the credit for my survival thus far this week. each sound has a chill quality to it, and yet, an upbeat electro undertone for the most part. some songs STAND OUT, when they come on i SIT UP STRAIGHT and feel natural endorphins pulsing through my thin-blood-filled veins. those tracks 'ill get the ✯ treatment:

✯Goth Star 3:19 Pictureplane
5th Sun (Heliopolis Mix By Rainbow Arabia) 3:05 Pictureplane

New Mind 3:38 Pictureplane

Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix) 6:34 Florence & The Machine

✯Ayisha Abyss. 6:04 Serena-Maneesh 

Keep Slipping Away (South Central Remix) 4:44 A Place To Bury Strangers

✯Nightdrive With You (Adeyhawke Remix) 5:23 Anoraak Nightdrive With You 

Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix) 5:47 College Nightdrive With You

✯Waiting For Your Phone Call 5:26 Anoraak Nightdrive With You 

Midnight Stars 2:53 Anoraak Nightdrive With You

✯Sunday Night Fever 4:34 Anoraak Nightdrive With You 

✯Endless Summer 3:49 Anoraak Nightdrive With You 

✯Never Ending Romance Disaster 4:14 Anoraak Nightdrive With You 

Nightdrive With You 5:28 Anoraak Nightdrive With You

Symphonies 3:41 Dan Black

Floating Vibes 4:00 Surfer Blood Astro Coast
There Are Many of Us 3:16 Aska

Day Glo 3:27 Brazos

Queen Of Hearts 4:58 Casper Bangs

Sun Was High (So Was I) 2:32 Best Coast
Who You Gonna Run To? (MGATP Remix) 3:51 Solid Gold Who You Gonna Run To?

You've Got the Love (The xx Remix) 5:44 Florence and The Machine Lungs

Should Have Taken Acid With You 2:21 Neon Indian

Cheerleader (Neon Indian 'Sega Genesis P-Orridge' Remix) 4:47 Grizzly Bear

✯Real Love 5:23 Beach House Teen Dream Rock 

✯Take Care 5:49 Beach House Teen Dream Rock 

Norway 4:06 Beach House Teen Dream Rock

★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ★ ☆ ✮ ✯

Am feeling like the Anoraak album is my new Cut Copy-esque obsession. sounds that can play over and over and over and over endlessly, that i'll never tire of, that i'll force myself to break away from eventually just because addiction is bad. dreamy, grooving layers, danceable beats, blissful background tracks for wherever life's taking you.

The Beach House tracks are sublime, serene & meaningful. am totally taken by both. taken hard.

Pleasantly surprised by this week's free itunes download, that would be Symphonies by Dan Black. thank you, itunes. Sounds separated by ---- and ----- were this weeks fab new offerings from Urban Outfitter's music mondays. get on that, boys and girls. 

You can find MUCH of the music above on FREE. 

Thieves Spray!!!
I was sitting at my desk yesterday, writing away (the Summer 1 book already, can you imagine?), when I noticed that every few moments I was totally taken by a heady scent of citrus and spices swirling around my workspace. Finally I said aloud "WHAT IS THAT SPICY ORANGE SMELL!?"  It took a bit, but we finally figured it out, it was @the_real_debbie's THIEVES SPRAY. 
I was like "thieves huh????" It smells fab but wait 'til I explain its quite cool history... The thieves essential oil blend was crafted based upon a historical tale of thieves in France who protected themselves from the black plague with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing those already deceased as a result of the deadly disease. Once captured, said thieves were offered a lighter sentence in exchange for their secret recipe. Today, supposedly, these same herbs & essential oils have been found to be an effective barrier against topical and airborne microorganisms. Young Living’s Thieves oil blend includes an intoxicating mix of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus.  And they say it's been specially blended to offer the same kind of defense as it did in the fifteenth century. I do wonder about its ability to ward off plagues... perhaps swine flu? the_real_debbie's always got cool sh!@ to share...

sunlovey in her fun union jack hat from her mere.

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