Saturday, January 02, 2010


That's Heathy & I taking tea at Cozy Tea in Five Points, Jacksonville. Was fab. Had an insanely good black tea blend from INDIA. A vegetarian sandwich. Ruled.
Then she let me venture back to Anomaly, love that store, envy that store owner, majorly admire her next venture, Under Belly, a super secret back bar that you can get to via the back of her boutique that'll serve up wine & beer in a cozy spot, and feature local bands in a mad cool backyard. GET YOUR TAIL to Under Belly. Make me jealous. Back to the boutique though, yeah, I got a killer cuff there, will snap and post a photo asap. promise.

this is ANOMALY

Then there's Edge City. Mad groovy owner. Perhaps double my age? BRIGHT fuchsia & pink blunt bob. Insane jewelry. Bold wares. MY GOD. I wanted everything in her shop. I felt this last time i was there. Settled on a smart distressed grey silk dress that rules. "She" told me it was by a Danish desiger. A birthday gift to myself. Wait 'til you see it. 

That's MOI & my former college roomie, heathy. NYE 2009. So typical of our personalities. Me trying to be scary, her laughing. love that girl. forever. AND... the coziness of her casa. could live there. for real.

C'est moi receiving happy BD calls. tiara & boa  in place. 

THAT is my NYE tiara, i really do try to land myself a new one each year. this year i brought one for heathy & byrdie, as well as sparkling white boas. let me just say, that being a full time party princess sparkling sister requires such. obtain tiaras. acquie glitter eyeliner. glitter in general. rock it.

driving home from such fun. well. it's hard. it finds me on the verge of tears. God grants me with skies like this one so that i may survive the post holiday slump. thank you God.

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