Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Love love love this dark blue & green plaid crest blazer from boston proper. But rarely wear it because my magical "rock this look" treasure trove lacks killer gold items that rock. It's likely in my head but i put the jacket on and at times feel like a cruise director from the love boat. NOT EFFIN' COOL. +the fact that i wore it with a black V-neck sweater with no umph. shame on me. i just felt dull and cruise shippy.

so out of pure desperation, i dashed out during lunch in search of a quick fix. I found...

a cascading frills tank of chiffon and raw-edged self fabric ruffles for just $12.99 (i can never ever ever have too much ruffles, it's fair to say they're a close runner up to sequins in my chaotic closet) AND a bubble gum pink stretch belt decked out in GOLD pyramid studs by Betsey Johnson for another $12.99 (both at TJMaxx). Ripped off sweater in car, QUICKLY so as not to cause heart failure for the surrounding elderly.

Then jetted back to work, feeling much much better. Nothing like some bold black ruffles, a dash of pyramid studs & a pop of pink to sort out the cruise director crisis.  

Fashion needs its little jaunts into the eclectic and unconventional to work for me.

In other news, seems like, on a daily basis i'm coming into an average of five new mp3s a day from various sources. Today's music highlights:
JUSTICE's new Beginning of the End

Yeasayer's 2nd single, O.N.E. 
Last Dance (kap10kurt Dream Mix) by The Raveonettes

& a couple tracks by Four Tet from a friend... thank you, Aaron (of @popglow). Up next? A Surfer Blood @RespectableSt report. 


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