Wednesday, January 20, 2010


a bit of #fashionkismet occurred the other day. desperate times called for well, not so desperate measures. simply put they called for me making a mad dash to my happy place. oh yes, target. 
you see, i go there and stroll the isles, in almost every department, picking up this treasure and that until i find myself breathing easily again, until i find myself sort of smiling. then, i cash out & carry on with my day renewed. laugh. i'm serious. ok so on that particular target run i encountered a killer little gothy, frothy frock, yep, in the little girls' section, that would set me back a whopping $12.99. 

while holding it out, admiring it, guestimating how it might fit me, i was spotted! by my senior VP of marketing, with her daughter. "hi... yes it's for me...." she smiled. i love her. a few minutes later i was practically skipping out to my car thinking, "this little (girl) black dress needs a serious dose of blue".  AND JUST as i was thinking this,  a few fashiony miles away, @kris_1 remembered one fabulous little birthday gift she'd forgotten to give me. uh huh, a brilliant blue sequin flower headband. now that's #fashionkismet. she brought said headband to me at my desk upon returning from lunch and watched my eyes light up, "how did you know?" 

So anyway, my studded waist, layers-of-tulle dress got paired up to a lovely pair of pale blue tights i found in my drawer & granny style booties. Then finished off with a faceted blue crystal necklace i acquired from boston proper ages & ages ago. i felt like a dark little harajuku girl and had david gahan's black & blue again in my head all day long...

so yeah, i'll leave you with that. from his solo album, paper monsters:

happy hump day!


  1. kris_19:45 AM

    I so wish I'd seen you yesterday. Love the pairing and I'm so glad I was part of your black & blue experience! Cheers. XOXO

  2. am so glad you were too. wore that brilliant blue sequin headband AGAIN last night. it's love.


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