Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday I got the deliciously correct amount of fruits & veggies. Days like that + a happy 30 minutes of pilates = sunlovey feeeeling good. Will say. Lunch consisted of the delightful little recyclable tray of fruits & cheeses you see below + orange blossom green tea from dear old starbucks. 

Then dinner came along and I set out to make a rockin' salad. Told the german it was sort of like tex mex meets italia. the flavors complemented each other in fierce ways, with each bite i mixed different ingredients for my own experimental pleasure. sounds nuts? try it. fresh mozz with kalamata olive and pickled jalapeƱo for example? MAD GOOD. 

Here's what it entailed:
-delectably creamy chunks of fresh avocado
-chopped vine-ripe tomatoes
-subtly spicy pickled jalapeƱos
-tangy sneaky spicy sliced banana pepper
-chunks of white albacore tuna (SO italian, tuna in salad, pasta, etc.)
-pitted kalamata olives (not a major fan of salty, these are the exception)
-fresh buffalo mozzarella (yes, the kind in water)
-chick peas (fiber/protein + filling)

the dressing (tried & true concoction i learned at the italian restaurant i worked at thru college):
-extra virgin olive oil
-balsamic vinegar
-two cloves pressed garlic
-mega splash of organic lemon juice
-a heaping  spoonful of grated parmesan
-chopped fresh basil

so yeah, I crashed last night feeling all was right in the world.  the pilates workout helped for sure (do you do pilates? have you tried? i felt like it was a faster paced, less zen-y yoga = more my style) as did eating so right. & i sacrificed nothing, all was fab. if you are what you eat, i was super green yesterday & i love it. you truly CAN train your body to crave eats that are good for you. don't believe me? i dare you to try.


(that's my sequin animal rodarte for target dress, mad love.)
p.s. *friendly fuel = no animals being sacrificed to rock my palate. 

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