Saturday, January 16, 2010

GET LOST...  [in it] or found? 

The Middle East
Just thought I would pass along a lovely bit of reflective sound I recently received. Talk about #musickismet! I hear them one fine day on XMU, fast forward a bit & they've landed in my email inbox. And I'm like oh yeah.... that band.  Meet The Middle East. An Australian band rumored to play this years SXSW in Austin.   I must say I'm smitten with the artistic dreaminess of The Middle East's video for Blood. And the song itself takes me some place similar to the cerebral locale Band of Horses did & does... I'm thinking that The Middle East is so right for a rainy day, for laying low, for THINKING, for a hangover...

Dig it? It's yours:

find them here:

revel in your saturday kiddos. wear something awesome. drink something amazing. eat something fabulous. go some place killer. & of course, listen to something that moves you, literally or figuratively.


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