Monday, January 04, 2010

baby it's


and wow do south floridians like to BITCH about it. i find it refreshing. this chill makes my eyes open wider. and it allows me to bust out fun items of clothing like these metallic heart ruffly knee-high socks by Betsey Johnson. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. 
two killer holidays behind me, full of family, friends, brilliant times & glitter, GONE. up next? TELL ME. abhor not having big things in the pipeline. don't do well with lulls. brain is whirling, thoughts are stirring.
what. is. next. 
not sure. need something. fill me in if you've got something mad & exciting going on. seriously. in the mean time, a few of my fave things... received as pressies. for example, these rulin' high-shine pewter leggings from @kris_1 (from forever 21 of course, sparkling sisters are super smart shoppers) will look NUTS with boots, imagine how they'll transform a cozy sweater tunic...

i get the feeling a lot of people see leggings like these and think "i've got no where to wear those" or "i WILL not/CAN not wear them". c'mon. watch me.  i'll show you. give your closet and your look a little edgy gleam.

what else am i adoring? oh it's the little things, like this new silver glittery headband from none other than Claire's boutique from my mom, she got them for her 5th grade art room helpers & knew i'd dig one too. so right mom, so right. :-) tossed it on to go to the gym tonight and no joke, it cured a bit of the dread i'd accumulated re: returning to that smelly hell hole. you need to see it in person. it freakin' SPARKLES. 
would LOVE to hear from you, what fun little gifts & such did you receive that you're smitten with? equally as important, what new year excitement have you got cooking up? share it. give me ideas! am not joking. love new ideas...
happy '10, loveys! may it look good, sound good, taste good & feeeeeeel good!


p.s. please tell me you're going on each monday and downloading their five brilliantly free tunes? you're not? wth is wrong with you. do it now.

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