Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey there!
Greetings on the Monday between Christmas & New Years. Am recovering from but ANOTHER awful dentist visit and just now finished...

He's English. He was named after his great grandfather, a rosy cheeked man that kindly operated the door at Chalfont Court on Baker Street in London. He taught little Burt to be courteous and kind. Burt's just a couple days away from going to live with his bright blue-eyed new friend to be, Noah. Burt loves music you can dance to (check out his favorite song of all times, Skeleton Boy by Friendly Fires) and Crunchie candy bars. Have you had a Crunchie before? He hopes to find one here in the U.S. to bring to little Noah for when they first meet.

Burt's a first in what's to be a series of funny little imperfect characters that will undoubtedly make you crack up that I'll be creating for my fave kids & fave kids at heart. The German's sad to see this little guy go. That's how infectious he is. Stay tuned...
(that's Burt's backside)

and this is sunlovey on drugs. legal ones. thanks to a massive tooth ache.

I still owe you a music mix. Will try and put that up today, if not tomorrow.


burt here. on a whim, sunlovey just gave me a heart.
THANK GOD. take care!

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