Thursday, December 03, 2009

And this is when I get bummed about music sites I really love. I get this way when someone trashes a restaurant I adore too. I get sad. And even a little shocked. Like, HUH?! Did we eat at the same place? Hear the same album? It's definitely all relative. It's why I guess I can't be a proper critic. I mean I will go on a tirade about something I think sucks to a live (poor) soul. But not for a gigantic forum. Not unless I've been wronged incredibly. Blah. Let's just get to the album. Have listened since it came out on Tuesday at the very least, 12 times. I don't listen to a new album that I don't FEEEEEL over 12 times in two days. Eff that.

I feel The Bravery took a little detour on The Sun and the Moon . A detour I didn't quite follow them on. Their own remixes of The Sun and the Moon were a step in a better direction. But. Well. I couldn't help but reminisce about their first, self titled album. It's a sh!t feeling when a band you fall for on their initial release disappoints on their second. But that's just me. I'm no pompous "I HATE IT, LET ME CHEW IT A NEW ONE" music b!tch. Nada.

Get to the bloody album already. I know.
Track 1. Adored. - hmm. they're back. an instant return to a darker, more electro feel. energy. i'm in!
Track 2. Song for Jacob. -oh the old bass i love. the guitars. the bass. the angst. his imperfectly perfect voice.
Track 3. Slow Poison . -was the first single. definitely dark pop. infectious. could do without the "doo doo doo doo's" fo sho though.
Track 4. Hatef*ck. -took me a while to get the title. had a dense moment. J'ADORE this song. every bit of it. the lyrics. the tone. the urgency. oh wait, not so much the little metal-ish guitar part. but the rest. YES.
Track 5. I Am Your Skin. -Thank you GOD for synths. all the right pieces that make them them, present.
Track 6. She's So Bendable- SLOOOWS down. am thinking it's bass mike singing. has a totally different feel and tone. still captures me.
Track 7. The Spectator - It's good. It's fine.
Track 8. I Have Seen the Future- Growing up in a household with a dad that dug sci fi & sci fi shows, this song INSTANTLY reminded me of the theme song of Dr. Who .  And strangely, this was a GOOD thing. I totally am head over heels for this one. And can picture them performing it live. It ruled.
Track 9. Red Hands & White Knuckles- Angst-ridden & killer. The chorus is so desperate. so right, grabs me. the rest thrills me too. love the sound layers. electro bleeps and all.
Track 10. Jack-O'-Lantern Man- LAME SONG TITLE. in my humblest of opinions. ;-) words can ruin things for me. however. song's good enough. no need to skip. frantic. i like frantic. sounds like a high speed car chase. a little dalliance in metal guitar (as i call it), but i forgive.
Track 11. Sugar Pill - (hey! watch the vid!) coma like. ethereal.  it's sedating. and that doesn't bother me. it really doesn't. good night.


(killer shrug? yep. forever 21. so elizabethan AND modern. AND metallic. it's love.)


  1. I completely agree with your review on the album. LOVE. And while I enjoyed The Sun and The Moon, this album was pure Bravery goodness.

    Love the shrug, BTW. Must hit up a F21 once I'm back in the States. If I have any money left, of course...

  2. please don't get me wrong, i LIKE sun & moon, but i LOVED their debut and this new album. F21 is a brilliant place to go nuts in. i hope you like. in the mean time, revel in india!!!


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