Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Help For Fashion Pack Rats

The year AND THE DECADE are wrapping up with great speed. And by accident I've come up with a great way for both me and my fellow fashion pack rats to weed out the closet a bit more, just in time for the new year.

Today I've discovered that while shopping your own closet can be exhilarating and great fun, it can also help you shed some of the things you've been clinging to for once and for all. 

Here's what you do. Force yourself to put something on you haven't worn in ages. Then, make yourself wear it to work, or out and about, for at least three hours. While wearing said item, look at yourself while washing your hands in the restroom, see how you feeeeel in whatever it is you have on. Does it bore you to tears, make you feel uncomfortable? Fit wrong?

Hate it? Toss it. No, not into the trash, but into the donation box. You have given it another go, you didn't feel the love, thus, it's time to let it go. It's fair. It's a great way to assure yourself that whatever shirt/skirt/dress/pants is at hand isn't for you anymore, and deserves a home in which it is loved and cherished more. Worn often and with good feelings.

This happens to be the case for me today. When I get home, the outfit I'm wearing (the top AND the skirt) will not be tossed in the laundry or returned to my closet. They will instead, find themselves at the bottom of a new box marked "donations". Arrivederci!

If you're not a fashion pack rat. Good for you. Move on.

If you think you just might be, reach into that jam-packed closet of yours and start wearing the things that haven't graced your body for a couple years. Some I can assure you based upon experience, you are going to fall back in love with, and work back into your rotation. While others, you're going to free yourself of, easily &finally.

After all, you absolutely must make room for new Christmas acquisitions ASAP.


p.s. heard a catchy tune this morning on XMU that i sought and found. of course, on Pitchfork. They're called The Drums and the song is 'I Felt Stupid'. see whatcha think?

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