Thursday, December 10, 2009

So yeah... it's just happening naturally. This week. Am only wearing skirts. Over the weekend I did a major clean-out of my closet for a Salvation Army trip & realized, I have some bloody awesome skirts. And they work like magic with boots. Thus. Skirt Week is born. Let's begin with Monday.

Not quite sure how this one came together. While I adore my taffeta pleat plaid skirt in navy, red, cream & gold, it's a b!tch to try & match it to anything else in my closet. No joke. So I anti-matched it. Tossed on a cream & black stripe tank with rhinestone & raw-edge ruffle neckline, black harness boots & walked out the door. Receptionist said "Now HOW did you put THAT look together?!," as I entered work. "Ha. Well, I just did. It's Monday." I loved feeling so mismatched. Really. Everyone should do such more.

Tuesday rolled around. And I dragged a chair into my closet to get to THIS skirt. Got it for a party. Didn't make it to the party. However, putting it on, on a Tuesday morning did serve as something like a consolation prize for having to get up and go to work. It's high-waisted and flared in a brocade-like fabric of vivid hues. Photo doesn't do the colors justice. Topped it with a black knit top with ruffly keyhole and my sky high rad red shoes. Oh! + a red plaid headband. Felt posh & party-like.

And then it was Wednesday. Time to shine. Well, it's always time to shine. But I thought nothing would suit wool houndstooth better than sequin argyle. Right?! I know. Layered on my multi-chain & jet cross necklace. YAY. How I love rocking a classic Scottish pattern with revved up sequin argyle (also quite classic) and chains.

So you see, I was on a roll. Skirt week was going nicely. There's something to challenging yourself fashionably. Gives you a fun little purpose each a.m.
So when it came to Thursday...

 A $5 child's tee, that quite frankly, I found too cool for a child when I spotted it at my happy place, took center stage in my attire choices. I MUSIC. Paired to? A chunky heart necklace, shrunken prep school-style jacket and a grey denim mini. Piece de resistance? Of course. My pleather over-the-knee boots. Aw yeah. As I left work today I thought "Man, I really feel like ME today." 

Mañana's Friday. I generally wear jeans on Fridays. But we'll see. Could follow through in a skirt. Should, shouldn't I? I promise you this. My Boynton Beach/Delray boat parade look is comprised of a fab ruffly green lace skirt. OMG + sequins sequins sequins. Promise to add a photo of such to this very blog ASAP.

In the meantime. Can someone give me a ton of cash so I can buy EVERYthing on ? Thanks. Am over-the-top smitten. Play around with their "make your own" section. It rules. Want the cardie BADLY. Hint hint, world. ;-)

p.s. I did it kids. Wrapped the week up in a studded pencil skirt. With? my new fab striped sweater vest from Monarchy via Rue La La  & a metallic elastic belt. The only sweaters a South Florida girl can wear these days are sleeveless...

And my boat parade skirt as promised..!

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  1. Ahh! Love! So jealous you're enjoying sunny weather and can do this. I wore a sweet burnt orange number that I picked up at the sample sale yesterday to a christmas party. Trust me, I'm willing to freeze my butt off in the name of fashion, but I'm still thawing...


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