Monday, December 21, 2009

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i haven't stopped mentioning, in tweet after tweet, a relatively new local florida band for a couple months now. a band i hadn't even seen (until now), a band i'd heard just one song from (until now). nevertheless i was getting a vibe. & getting told by one member of the group, that this was something major, special, natural, sublime. perhaps not in those exact words. but the way in which he described what was happening between the four band members was giving him purpose, giving him pride.

i spied photos from the handful of shows they'd already played between Winter Haven, Florida & Gainesville, Florida, but life was getting in the way of me getting to any of their shows thus far. however, as luck would have it, i was traveling to central Florida to have christmas high tea with my mom, as we do each year and our date for tea coincided with a POP GLOW show at Jessie's in Winter Haven, Florida. 
i literally dragged a friend with me to the show. and we had a fine time bopping about to the synth-driven sound of the 80s DJ set. catching Gainesville's Moon Beard (they're good. loud. i liked.) but we were fading. until the glow glasses were passed around, the lights dimmed, the stage lit up with color and the costume-clad members of POP GLOW took their places. instantly, melodic sound & pulsating beats kicked in, harmonious danceable layers, altered vocals blended beautifully and i was hooked. i took video of much of the show. i recall wishing a CD existed (i pray it will shortly) & i was bummed Josh wasn't selling t-shirts. i can only imagine how much POP GLOW t-shirts will rule. from the start of High to their blissful cover of The Cure's Close To Me to the completion of Tierra Del Fuego, which marked the all too quick end of their set, I was feeling it. EVERYONE was. (POP GLOW has already got a mad energetic following) gorgeous sound. surreal vibe. lights, magic, love. 

i spoke with a friend of the band on my drive back to south Florida yesterday, and he told me that i'd seen them at a good time, that they're getting better and better each time they play out. do know, POP GLOW has only been together a few short months. And this particular performance was the first time they used live bass guitar. they're completely fresh and evolving as i type. it's only going to get better. i'm in love. 

on my drive back it dawned on me in a big way that POP GLOW needs to play a show or FOUR during Miami'S WMC in march. & i'm hoping they'll grace West Palm's Respectable Street Cafe with their presence as well. Will you, POP GLOW? Please?

Last time
Had a lot of friends
Close to me
Do you love me now?
Tierra del fuego

Josh Miller- vocoder, R3, samples

Ronnie Zeller - auto-tune, ION, kaos

Aaron Branch - bass + guitar

Ian Lopez - drums


Videos aren't killer quality. But you'll get the gist. And for now, it's all we've got, until POP GLOW blesses our desirous ears & bodies with a recording. can't wait. In the mean time, glow on POP GLOW, glow on...




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