Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mmmm, right? An array of colors and taste that's quite healthy AND vegetarian.

What you need:
*A bag of your favorite salad greens (I prefer a romaine/radicchio mixture)

*Your fave black olives, sliced to the size you prefer

*a couple of tomatoes, chopped

*1/2 bag of veggie crumbles (try Morning Star or Boca Burger)

*Your fave salsa

*Small container of sour cream

*Cilantro, either freshly chopped or the wondrous kind that comes in a tube in your produce section

*Shredded cheddar cheese

*Packet of your fave taco seasoning, if you wish

* Smashed tortilla chips, half a cup

*what this baby's missing, fresh sliced avocado. add this!

What you need to do:
Sauté the veggie crumbles, add a small amount of water + half of the taco seasoning packet, then set this aside. Mix about a cup of salsa with your sour cream, add fresh chopped cilantro to your liking, stir (I added some fresh red chili to this too, that's your choice). This is your dressing, set aside. Plate your lettuce. Add your chopped tomatoes and olives, add your veggie crumbles, add your smashed tortilla chips (this really for texture/crunch, not essential), and sprinkle with deeelish cheddar cheese. Serve your dressing on the side. So as you eat, you decide how much you need. Great way to save on unneeded calories. Takes about 10 minutes max. to make. Tastes yum. Enjoy!

So my nails right now are painted red then layered with big, chunky red glitter. They remind me of Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz, and really, they're quite festive. I keep adding more coats of the glitter, as a girl can never glitter enough, can she?

These boxes represent how lucky the German really is. They belong to him. He's just a few short days away from receiving killer sh!t from my new fave brand. He better dig. Oh how I wish these boxes were for me... Let's see how long I hold out before buying myself a brand new Rugby  wardrobe. I know. I don't need it. But kids, their fashions rule. Ralph Lauren may be an all American designer but this brand is so edgy yet classic Brit. LOVE.

Hope you're writing your cards, wrapping your gifts, sipping your hot chocolate and listening to cheesy holiday tunes.


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