Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i'm in love.
yep. with a bracelet.
a thoughtful gift from a neighbor & dear friend. she gets it. what you can't see is that the aqua gems of this bracelet have a subtle peacock feather backdrop. this = even more love.  it feels good to be got. as in understood. and as 2009 and the first decade of the 2000s winds down, I have to take moments to recognize those i love & feel gotten by. :-)
merci jessiekins!
Style Steal
recent deal i'm still mad thrilled about? my under $6 puff-shoulder chandelier tee from target's little kid section. please tell me you've perused target's little kid section. chances are, some of the darling fashion you'll find there fits you. and man oh man is it inexpensive. j'adre this sea foam long-sleeve tee with rhinestone sparkle. don't you?

Light & bright. there's no time like the present to lighten up! pale ash blonde highlights make my weird winter months POP! so grateful for One Aveda Salon in Delray Beach. it's a peaceful little oasis of fab scents & as close to natural color a girl can get her hands on.


i've just finished wrapping the last of the gifts i have. i still have a bit of shopping to do. no big surprise. i'm a master of procrastination. 

much love to you & yours

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