Friday, December 18, 2009


Created a Genius Mix on itunes from The Big Pink's Velvet 
but never had a chance to listen. dug in today and WOW! radical mix. 25 songs that ruled, many of which i didn't know existed on my ipod (the beauty of downloading various mixes from outside sources). SO... i deleted the songs on the mix that i did know, because i wanted it to be a playlist of sound completely new to me. And this is what i was left with, extremely electro-synth driven, great beats, FRESHNESS:

Friends    3:10    Luke Top
In This Lonely Town    3:14    Jeremy Jay
Eazy Speaks    3:19    Apostle of Hustle  
Headdress    4:38    Amazing Baby   
Suffering    2:38    Hecuba   
Weak for Me    3:37    Nite Jewel   
Swing Tree    2:38    Discovery   
Future Primitive    4:25    Papercuts
Actor Out of Work    2:15    St. Vincent
Shadows    4:03    Au Revoir Simone
The Tenure Itch    3:46    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
It Gets Your Body Movin'    4:41    Suckers   
Real Slime    3:56    Lemonade
The Letter    3:32    The Veils  (ok, quite familiar w/this one, but had to keep.)
Silence    4:14    Takka Takka
Postcards    2:32    An Horse    R
Self-taught Learner    4:13    Lissy Trullie
I Can't Get Away    3:16    Stardeath and White Dwarfs
If you wish to seek these artists out, search them on or or maybe  or possibly Can't find? Ask me & I'll try to help.

Sparkling butterflies from a dear co-worker. love.

Hope your Friday's treating you amazingly! Happy weekend! Revel in the moment & those you love!


***had to get my sequin jacket in. even though it serves NO purpose. it's so fun. but OMG guess what it has? SHOULDER PADS. life is insane***

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