Monday, December 14, 2009

Threads 4 Thought
sustainable apparel
you can make a difference
By purchasing an ORGANIC cotton product from Thread 4 Thought you have bought a garment that is 90% less toxic than a conventional cotton garment.

Without a doubt that's thought provoking. And stamped inside my new fave tee. Initially drawn to the tee because is featherweight dark heather gray and emblazoned with a killer cathedral stained glass window graphic i so love. Reminded me instantly of the hundreds of beautiful church windows I've been in utter love and awe of since my first trip to Paris in 11th grade. Never saw a tee that captured one such window and so beautifully.

But WOW. 90% less toxic registers with me big time. Especially in light of my mother's fairly recent health diagnosis and our quest to make her life and body as pristine as possible. Chemicals, synthetic substances, metals, and long insane words I can't pronounce on labels have truly become my fear and nemesis, especially when it pertains to her.

I sought out Threads 4 Thought 's web site & found no additional info on the brand's MOSTLY non-toxic fabrications. I have found blurbs through out the web relaying their mission:
Threads for Thought is a lifestyle brand of premium organic cotton graphic tees and hoodies for men and women created to provoke reflection and discussion through designs inspired by 3 of the most critical challenges we face on our planet: Africa, the Environment and Conflict. Threads for Thought uses only 100% organic cotton and recycled fibers in manufacturing our garments to reduce the toxic impact of our clothes.
That kind of says to me that their reference to toxicity is more about the way in which production of clothing is often times toxic to the environment. Nevertheless, organic fabrics are indeed better for us. Will definitely seek out more from Threads 4 Thought as their purpose, their causes and their designs are totally and utterly in line with things I find important, myself. And it's not just for the chicas, lads. Check out their guy's headphones t-shirt . LOVE.

Anyway. Like Edun . I think I've stumbled upon another brand with a cause AND a killer aesthetic. YAY. Happy holiday shopping!


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