Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So this is how it used to be. One of like seven jewelry boxes that clutters my dresser, semi-organized. Note how you can identify the various compartments. At that time I had a prayer of finding this necklace or that bracelet. It was possible for me to have a pretty decent idea of what I possessed and where it resided. 

yeah, bloody mess. that's nothing.

Zoom out a bit? OK.

See? I have no idea where ANYthing is. I've got accessory overload and I need help. Yeah, there's more. Long necklaces... 

Sure, you can look at all this chaos and think what the hell is wrong with that girl? Should she be on Hoarders? Why doesn't she STOP acquiring? Ha. Yeah. Work in fashion. Spend your existence perusing fashion mags & web sites. Frequent malls, shops & boutiques regularly. And remove any sense of organization you might have in your bones or body and you have me. The collector. And now, I'm in over my head. 
What does one do in that case? Well, they've no choice but to par down. And to SOMEHOW, organize. Beautiful jewels and chains and stones and gems and beads and charms and pendants and cuffs and and and are going to waste. I can't see them, can't find them. So something's got to give. Not sure how, what, when. I'm envisioning give-aways via this blog. I'm in envisioning ebay? Not sure.  GOT IDEAS? WORDS OF WISDOM? COMMENT. & well, stay tuned...

Don't you love plaid paired back to hound's tooth? Oh I do

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