Saturday, November 21, 2009

am in the ATL. have been since 2:30 this afternoon. am on the verge of delirium (having gone to bed at nearly 2 am, gotten up at ten to 5 am, the maddening drive here, etc.). but had to make notes here. dinner at two urban licks in atlanta georgia is an experience from the instant you try to find the bloody place 'til you walk out the door. LOVE. much love & props go to ms. jennifer mcafee for the recommendation. photos and much more to come. p.s. seems the restaurant group that two urban licks falls under has an eatery in O-town, yep, florida. called luma on park. haven't been, will try to change that in the near future.


p.s. got to wear my faux-fur leopard jacket tonight!!! photos of this momentous awesomeness to come. bloody forgot the upload cable for my canon. :-(

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