Friday, November 20, 2009

For a Girl That Loves Going...
I sure do drag a$$ when it comes to packing. It's after 11, we're leaving in like 6 hours & nada.
This is how you do it. Meander around your happy place for an hour, lollygag with your neighbor from across the street, refresh your twitter feed 1000 times... sip wine endlessly. and well, don't pack.

So... to rewind a bit. Say, to lunch time yesterday. Or, just a bit after breakfast actually. It pops into my head "MEXICAN". I send an email immediately. To whom? Hector. He's like Creative's lunch coordinator. Email reads as follows...
Subject: I'm Hungry
Body: Mexican?

His reply?
"Of course! Where?"
"Moe's? Chipotle?"
"Both are fine with me. Or do you want to go sloppy Mexican?"
Me: "Sloppy Mexican? Like what?"
He: Well, i can't remember, he rattled off a few restaurant names in the Delray/Boca area. Many of which I've gone to and well, walked away like "eh?" He did say Señor Frogs. And my brain spun a bit. Like "We have a Señor Frogs!? The girls gone wild-esque party hell hole, we do?!" My reply: "Your call." He rounded up the troops as he always does & we set out. Didn't know where to, still, at this point. A coworker asks and he says "Señor Frogs" and she's like "the place with the frozen drinks?!"

No. Not that place. This Señor Frogs is in Delray and it's in a quiet little strip mall and when you walk in you're like "hmm, cute, not what I expected?" Swirly chalk specials and drink specials decorate the walls. The salsa has a kick & well, they try and keep you fit by serving up the smallest basket of tortilla chips ever. But worry not. They do refill it.

Of course I ordered the vegetarian burrito. Go ahead, type cast me. But this veggie burrito was YUM. For real. And the presentation? Hey, I appreciate sculpted yellow rice. I really do. No joke. I'm totally going back there. Local? You should too:


Delray Beach, FL 33483
  • (561) 266-8558

  • So... what else? Got my "girls",  Lily & Maggie the coolest little pink puff coats with faux-fur hoodies at Target tonight. Am I awful? They've had them on since I got home. They're adorable. I think they like. And well, they needed said coats for their journey into the mountains.

  • See, I think they like. In other news. Still sipping vino, and it's thirty minutes later. Don't ask me how we're going to manage this pain in the a$$ haul. I sip on. We'll figure it out. Boots are ready! 'Night!

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