Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Raining Boots, Hallelujah 
A boot is a boot is a boot? No way. Yes, I just came by some radical over-the-knee ones, but suede fringe?!? Didn't have. Couldn't resist. (Got for a mere $20 at the Boston Proper Sample Sale as previously mentioned, can't beat.)Wardrobe lacks fringe? Get your fashionable paws on some and fast. From flapper to rocker to cowgirl to boho goddess (think, Siena Miller ). Those long stringy strands inspire movement. Provoke you to spin. Beg you dance, to move. I love the feeling.

There is something about Sunday nights. Well, I know exactly what that something is, it's anxiety (thinking about work chaos the next day), it's lamentation (that your beloved weekend is wrapping itself up), it's exhaustion (I get tired just thinking about the unnatural hour my alarm clock sounds) and defeat (no matter how late you stayed up both Friday & Saturday, in effort to make the weekend last forever, it did not). Anyway, all of these things lead me to crave major comfort food. 

So last night, I made vegetarian lasagna. And I did so by using the fabulous Morning Star crumbles I've mentioned previously.  
Put about half the package of said crumbles in a saute pan with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, two fresh pressed garlic cloves, fresh-ground black pepper and a little sea salt. Sauteed it briefly, then stirred in about a half a jar of my fave tomato sauce and set aside. 

Next up? Emptied a container of all-natural ricotta cheese into a small bowl, added fresh-chopped basil (yep, Aero Garden fresh), more fresh-ground black pepper, about a cup of grated parmesan and stirred. Set that aside.

Then, put a thin layer of plain tomato sauce on the "floor" of my casserole dish, evenly spread. Gotta love no-boil lasagna pasta. That got layered on top of the tomato sauce. 

That's when I layered in the tomato sauce & veggie crumble mixture, evenly spread across pasta. Then dollops of the ricotta mixture, oh delightful ricotta mixture...

You get my drift, another layer of lasagna pasta, tomato sauce, then, glorious shredded mozzarella and shredded parmesan, made so much more exciting by more fresh-pressed garlic cloves. And into the oven it went. @ 350 degrees. 

Thirty minutes later... Done. Delicious & cute little animal-free. Does the German mind the Morning Star crumbles substitution? His scraped clean plate points to no.

And lucky me had a tasty lunch today too! 
Easy. Vegetarian. Comforting. Try it. 

Now, I must wrap this up, it's getting in the way of Gossip Girl. Hope you survived your Monday alright.


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