Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rockin' My 
Ruffly Summer Frock 
into Fall & yay! on into spring...
Today I wore a vibrant little knit dress that I got for a killer price because it's a summer dress and summer dresses are extremely on sale. It's ruffly 'cuz ruffles were big last season. But I'm thrilled to say designers like Marc Jacobs insured they're sticking around on into Spring 2010

Oh and Chanel Spring 2010... 

And yeah, Dolce & Gabbana back to amazing, yep!, fringe boots...

So yeah. They're sticking around. Ruffles, I mean. And that makes my super steal of  (an on sale, summer knit) dress a piece I'll reinvent again and again forever. For example... today I paired it to jet jewels and chunky chains. A cool cardie & mega bondage-esque heels to de-CUTE it a bit. 

If only autumn-like temps would've stuck around, I would be wearing bad ass boots and/or tights with this look. Hmmm.... perhaps fish nets. Anyway, you get my drift. Rock out your ruffles. Wear them through Fall/Winter and prepare to revamp them on into Spring.  Me personally, I'm going to don ruffles forever, they've always held a soft spot in my fashion heart. Someone you know (yeah, OK, me!) is wondering how long I'll go on existing without a pair ruffly statement heels. Perhaps they'll be in my December @ShoeDazzle "show room". Stay tuned.


p.s. these are Christian Louboutin. hotness, no?

p.s. again. Abbie Cornish's ruffly wardrobe was at least 1/3 of the reason I had to see Bright Star in the theater (that and the poetry). Ex-freakin'-squisite! 

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