Wednesday, November 18, 2009

got in the way. vino @ City Cellar (i stare in awe at their gorgeous wine storage everytime i'm there) &  Carousel Can Can Cafe (WOW WOW WOW What fun! Love the dancers! The splits of POP champagne! The marquis lights! The carousel horse disco ball! The gilded gold entry!) trumps blogging sometimes.

that & time with my abuelita. What you have here is BIG SIPS, BIG SMILES, A Christmas tree glowing blue & green. A wild concept restaurant/bar that's rumored to not be doing so well & that's a bloody shame. Can Can dancers, pulsating sounds, a menu that made me salivate even though I'd had a massive dinner already. Oh, + a rockin' grandma, an "onyx" cross & a peace sign. 


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