Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Oh yes. Over-the-knee boots.
You know how it is. A new season rolls around and certain key, fashion staples rise to the top. You see them EVERYwhere, and slowly, or sometimes instantly, they grow on you like a welcomed weed. Oftentimes I find myself abhorring said fashion staple of the season. Deciding off the bat, nein!, not for me. 
That's how I feel about oversized boyfriend jeans right now. No thanks. Not gonna sell me on that so-called essential this fall. But over-the-knee boots? I'm in. They're going to ROCK miniskirts & short dresses. They're going to rule with super skinny jeans and liquid leggings. They're going to transform all things femme and sweet in a killer flash. I CAN'T WAIT. The over-the-knee boots pictured? From Use code 15HOLIDAY for a quick, cool 15% off, +FREE shipping. You can thank @willblog4shoes for that lovely little discount code. 

Faux-fur leopard jacket.

This was the other fall '09 must-have I decided I couldn't live without. So soft, so WILD. I fell hard for it. The instant the thermometer drops below 70 F, I'll be rocking it. No joke. It's going to be so insane with skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots, isn't it? Fab atop a chic little dress. OMG so glam with oversized shades. Got mine from my faithful go-to for ALL things trendy, Forever 21 . I know Boston Proper 's selling a similar style, as is Express . Plush and oh-so animal friendly. Faux fur is SO RIGHT. 

Going to wrap this up with a whimsical, ultra-cheap little accessory I scored today at my happy place on a hair conditioner run. Remember the slap bracelet? Did you ever have one even remotely as cool as these? Yeah. Didn't think so.     ;-) I'm in love. 

Sadly (for fall fashion) it's still 1000 degrees here. So glad my over-the-knees and spotted faux-fur will get to join me on my escape to Blue Ridge, GA . Sunlovey's going to stand out in the mountains, isn't she? Can't wait...


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