Monday, November 09, 2009

Often used as subject in works of art and as a flavor in lip balm & vodka ... 
The Pomegranate.

Can I figure out how to actually use one? How to cut it open? To eat it? And, will I actually like it? If my memory serves me right, its contents are kind of strange, texture wise. And, that's something that can make or break a food for me. But the sea of them I spotted when I popped in the store for delicious salad materials stopped me in my tracks.

As did the cute little POM flyers conveniently placed in front of those gorgeous red fruits. Flyer read: EASY OPEN. Oh yeah?

Well. Why not? I grabbed one, tossed it in my basket and carried on. The second I got into my car to go home I whipped the flyer back out. Have you heard of "arils"??? No? They are the little flesh-covered seeds within the pomegranate. The part you actually eat. And boy must one work hard to get to said little gooey arils. I envision myself slaving over this ruby-hued pain in the @$$ so that I might glob its arils onto a killer bowl of Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream. Right now though I'm thinking pomegranates are much prettier to look at than they are to navigate and partake of. The fruit has SIX bloody steps for eating! You've delved into pomegranates in their original form & enjoyed? Do tell. I'll let you know when I dig in, move beyond the aesthetic.    

So yeah, more on eats! My salad creation tonight consisted of organic baby greens, sliced vine-ripe tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella, toasted pine nuts, kalamata olives, shoe string carrots, chick peas and, drum roll please... fresh basil from my Aero Garden! The dressing? Homemade dijon vinaigrette. Degree of difficulty? None. Number of vegetable/fruit servings in one deeelish meal? 4+
Dijon Vinaigrette, simply a variation on the vinaigrettes I create almost nightly. You'll need:

a third cup of extra virgin olive oil, a third cup of balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of dijon mustard, a tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a clove (or two!) of pressed garlic and a couple of good-sized fresh basil leaves, finely chopped. Whisk together. You're done.

Happy healthy eats!


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