Monday, November 02, 2009

the travel bug strikes again...

I'm obsessed with this!!! I want to win more than I think it's possible for anyone to imagine. Five days = five chances. Although someone's already won today... So that leaves four.  @moontweet will pick someone, ANYONE that tweets the hashtag: #flymeto to win a pair of flights every day this week  AND I WANT IT TO BE ME. Could you imagine... Right now I'm currently envying someone by the twitter name of @drakeshipway big time!! @Moonfruit's first winner. If you aren't on twitter already & wish to try your luck at a free escape... now might be the time to start tweeting. OH I WANT TO WIN SO SO BADLY.

I want @Moonfruit to #flymeto Paris in January for the Nitzer Ebb/Depeche Mode show.  Because to see THOSE two bands perform together again, 1000 years later, in the city of lights?!?! DAMN.
To #flymeto Venice in February for Carnevale because my hearts been aching for that city and that spectacle so very much lately. Hear me, a huge chunk of my heart LIVES in Venezia. It stays there, full time. And the most enchanting, sinking city calls out to me constantly. I literally de-friend people who go there and don't love it so.  And lastly definitely not leasty-y... Chile, as Patagonia is my dream. Ever since I saw a program on television about this region I have been visualizing myself there, FREEZING and checking out icebergs. I fear they won't always be there. I NEED TO GO. Traveling is in my bones, coursing through my blood stream, and once several months pass since my last jaunt, I literally get itchy, achy, to GO. AGAIN.

cross your fingers for me?

p.s. I WILL WILL WILL talk more about my insanely deeeelish meal at Jade Kitchen, Friday. I promise.

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