Thursday, November 12, 2009


On this particular day I went a little wild in a vivid hue animal-print tank that glistened with iridescent sequins. Soft, gray boyfriend cardie and an A-line front-vent mini. Oh you know you want to know what shoes I wore, don't you?

Ooh la la! My killer purple buckle & stud booties finally got some wear time. I felt BRIGHT & BOLD. And sort of like Gem, as in, truly truly, truly outrageous. 

Ha. Then there was this day. 

Balmain -inspired bold-shoulder tunic in this insane metallic pewter color. The shoulders I speak of? Decked out in jet jewels and silver metallic stitching + SHOULDER PADS for structure. Wore it with "liquid" ruched leggings. By liquid I mean high-shine and skin tight. By ruched I mean cool, bunchy gathering.

I felt: like Joan Jet. & am quite alright with that. I think my fave look this week was today though. I laughed at myself a few times throughout the day. Shining gold balloon-sleeve top with a green tiered lace mini. The look? I called it fairy meets '80s prom.  A very respected fashionista said "Hey, why not!? Tinkerbell's got her own movie coming out!" She was so right. I think I'm onto something. Loved being a green fairy on Halloween so much, I think I subconsciously recreated the look for work. 
Just needed wings.

The shoes? Glam gold platforms. I felt: like fluttering around, no joke.

Point is, you're never too old to play 'dress up'. And considering how mundane Monday through Friday can be, creating fashionable character-like themes for yourself is the way to go. Trust me. Next up? Creating looks with my three Boston Proper sample sale steals. Never underestimate a piece of clothing. I'm going to rock my new posh plaids, ruffles, peplum hems & all. 

The black fringe boots. OMG. Look out world. They are going to rule the hell out of some frocks of mine, aren't they? Oh yes. Oh yes. 

One last thing before I shut up. My dear cookie, Kristakins or @kris_1 gave me an unbelievably cool pair of shiny snake-embossed pants in a gorgeous blue hue. They rule & they're getting worn any minute now. You're going to die when you see them. Love you, Krista!

Hope your Fridays FLY by, happy weekend!


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  1. I can't wait to see how you wear those pants. I'm SURE I'll LOVE the look. XOXO!!


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