Tuesday, November 10, 2009


 let me just start by saying i think i'm in love with this site:

 "What is RCRD LBL? 

RCRD LBL is a network of ad supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists."

Yep kids, more new, FREE sounds at your mouse-clicking finger tips. Register to get their newsletter here: http://www.rcrdlbl.com/users/register  

Got some excellent remixes of A Place to Bury Strangers ' sounds so far, & can tell there is much, much, much more music fun to be had. Love sites like this. Had to share.

Stuff  I'd peruse & download if I were you...

The Bravery 

Band of Horses 

Band of Skulls 

Animal Collective 

The Arcade Fire 

Art Brut 

Atlas Sound 

Holy scheise! That brief list above came from  just VERY QUICKLY scanning the As & Bs, people. Can't stress enough how quickly, will return to the As & Bs. 

We've hit the mother load. I could sit here and link you to bands all night. Instead, I'm going to stop here. Because this b!tch is zzz (didn't watch Gossip Girl last night? shame on you.  Plastiscines played on Monday night's episode. hotness. and yeah, they're on RCRD LBL too. ). Ran to Nitzer Ebb's That Total Age album tonight and it wasted me. 

So. Go ahead and post your thank you notes for exposing you to this GEM of a site in the comment section below. ;-) And by all means, thank the site. I thank you RCRD LBL. In massive ways. 



Oh! & my covetable new over-the-knee boots! They arrived! (Also, photo at the tip top is from Psychedelic Furs show @Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale)



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