Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the shoe that launched a look
you come by a fun shoe, you make it yours.
you want to wear it right away.
so you let it guide you, entirely...
& shape every single other thing you put on your body.
a look is born.
all because of a shoe.
sequin blazer: forever 21
lace-trim tank: michael stars
necklace: H&M
denim legging: hue
the shoe: preview international, snagged at nordstrom rack yesterday, on a whim.


  1. You look fabulous. I'm surprised you don't get more compliments. You make pregnancy look amazing!! I adore the shoes. Where is the Nordstrom Rack? Is it new? One of my favorite stores, always fantastically priced shoes...

  2. you are too good to me kristakins. thank you. my little 9 year old neighbor asked me today "sarah, do you feel good?" i said "what do you mean?" she said "you know, are you tired being pregnant? do you feel good?" i answered "i feel great. and i think that's my choice." liam is being good to me so far.

    nordstrom rack is in the same plaza as whole foods in godforsaken boca.


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