Wednesday, April 06, 2011

HOW Can You Tell a Girl
That Loves Dancing on Fire

to be Careful in Her Heels?
today's the 1st day i'm wearing shorts this year. to work. i love doing this. it feels like cheating. and it inspires me to accessorize to the hilt so as to pull off the somewhat blasé casualness of it all. snatched a floral sash tie off an old
skirt of mine to contrast the
floral tunic i was wearing. then dug up an ancient boston proper necklace & a target necklace for icing. cardie is from anthropologie, it has delicious golden Lurex running through it. oh yeah, and my major steve madden golden heels, which provoked the above comment. about being careful. how could he forget we ride race cars and dance on fire?
no worries...


  1. Silly boy, gonna make you cry! Ha... so funny. Love the look. I barely see a baby bump. I'm anxious to see you in person. XOXO

  2. oh how i love you. bump ebbs & flow.


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