Tuesday, April 05, 2011

i will come back over & over it seems, to every single bloody holy ghost! track or remix that exists in my sunlovey forever sound library. so, it goes without saying (ha and yet, i'm still saying it) the day their new self-titled album came out (yesterday) i bought it, seconds after i had my tea and could see straight. and upon 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th listen i find myself addicted to the way in which it slides effortlessly between 80s new wave and 70s disco vibes. it's a true dance album. that = #YAY.
tracks that stand out (although i skip NONE as i play the bloody album time & again):
from the very 1st second you hit play on Do It Again, it's beat-driven love. admit it, you would have roller skated to this one, hey you still might. i'm mad for it. Do It Again exploded on my ipod from the get-go. get Do It Again here. Wait & See is sexy, vulnerable, electronic #love—shimmy worth bleeps give way to a pulsing drum beat, understated keyboards and strong synths that play on in your head long after the song finishes. oh & did i mention the bass line? LOVE.
Say My Name -NOT- to be confused with meh Destiny's Child track with the same title. This was the 1st track I heard off of this release and I found it instantly disco-esque & sparkling. With harmonious vocals reminiscent of the bee gees, sans that "are these chicks or dudes singing?" i had to ask way back when as a music loving child.
Hold On! OMG, having just experienced this song live at Ultra Music Festival, and dancing there before the stage like a girl in her room all alone, i have no choice but to gush about its sick synths, hypnotic drum machine beat & droning 80s keyboards. YES YES YES. it's love.
Static On The Wire is a HOT DAMN track of rich, thick, electronic deliciousness. I want to reeeeeewind time & dance to it at Studio 54 or Limelight.
if you purchase Holy Ghost!'s album from itunes. you'll get a couple remixes too, one of which is Eli Escobar's. he's been a little music fetish of mine since I 1st heard his remix of Clubfeet's Count Your Lovers. j'adore what he does to the tracks he works his magic on—so distinctive.
but loveys, it was Holy Ghost!'s I Will Come Back that intially ignited this fanatical little Holy Ghost! obsession of mine. so intensely, it made me stalk & eventually elicit an annoyed response from their twitter account early last year after i begged & bitched on end about wanting them to play South Florida. Ha ha. Well. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait, as evidenced by their very recent appearance at UMF. anyway, here's I Will Come Back, if you haven't heard it, let it slay you. Then download it below.

dig it? get it from rcrdlbl.com here.

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