Saturday, April 16, 2011

the homepage that launched
a thousand blooms.
or six.
i've mentioned hue here & there as of late on the blog because their denim leggings have been my BFFs in the last few months & i'm wearing them in many of my blog photos. fast forward to like three days ago. i go on their website & BAM i'm entranced by the vivid colors. tons of them. and the necklace. worn by one of the models. but hue doesn't sell jewelry. :-( i tweet about it. hue sees said tweet. says their stylist made it herself for the shoot. ironically, i'd already made a mental note to hit michaels one day after work. this just lit my fire more.
and so i did.
kid in candy shop style, i snatched up a ton of colors, some wired polka dot ribbon, embroidery floss & embroidery needles. but i was scared. i'm an idea factory. but i've been known to blow at execution. i get distracted. i get overwhelmed. that sort of thing. i think it was the german's "when's the last time you used the sewing machine i bought you" line today that made me determined to figure this out.
check it:
don't be afraid to tackle whimsical ideas.


  1. Aw, that's really pretty! You know I love flowers and I think we should all be adorned in them. I like to polka dot contrast. Well done! xxx

  2. I LOVE this DIY necklace! So creative.
    Your blog is so inspirational as always :)


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